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Closed rhinoplasty Korea, bulbous and short nose_noselab

1. Preoperative design consultation

   The patient visited my clinic to improve the bulbous tip of the nose and the flat nose bridge. Overall, he had a short nose, and his nose looked curved to the right due to facial asymmetry. And there was also nasal asymmetry.

2. Surgical plan

  To improve facial asymmetry, a lateral osteotomy was planned, and a surgery was planned to move the nose to the left as a whole. The wide dorsum of the nose and the hump will also be improved with osteotomy and silicone implant. To improve the bulbous nose, was planned to reduce the thickness of the skin, tie and rearrange the alar cartilage, and increase the height of the tip of the nose to give a three-dimensional effect.

3. Pictures taken immediately after the operation

In the right side photo, the nasion was slightly raised, the hump was removed, and the columella came down a little bit, so it became a very natural nose line and nose tip shape.

In the 45-degree side picture, the tip of the nose has definitely become sleek and has a three-dimensional effect.

In the front photo, above all, you can see a lot of improvement in asymmetry and a lot of width at the tip of the nose.

If you look at the pictures of the nostrils, you can see that the left nostrils are naturally larger than the right, but you can see that the difference in size is visually reduced.

4. A general review

It was a surgery to correct the overall short and bulbous nose. This patient has severe facial asymmetry, so I paid a lot of attention to improving the curved area. I deliberately put the silicone implant to the left, including the lateral osteotomy, and the difference in skin thickness was also corrected by filling it with cartilage fragments or soft tissues.

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by Noselab closed rhinoplasty Korea Dr. Chayoung Kang

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