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Closed rhinoplasty_Korea + Bulbous and wide nose + flat nose + retracted columella correction_Noselab

It is a picture taken right after the surgery. The feeling of bulbous and wide has improved a lot, and the columella was lowered to a point where you could see it slightly even though you couldn’t see the columella from the side, and the nasoslabia angle was made about 90 degrees, so the patient visited my clinic to correct the feeling that the nasion was very low and the nose tip was bulbous and wide. The skin at the tip of the nose was thick, and the brow bones protruded, so the nasion seemed to be depressed a lot. To correct the blunt feeling, the tip of the nose was performed with Bulbous nose correction surgery (subcutaneous tissue partial resection, cartilage repositioning, making the three-dimensional effect), and the nose tip was made of septal cartilage and donated rib cartilage, and 4.5mm silicone implant was inserted into the nose bridge.

It has become a natural side line.

Even in the 45-degree photo, the nose line became clear, and the blunt contour of the nose tip became much more natural.

In the front, it was bulbous and wide, and naturally collected the feeling of seeing the nostrils, and the contour of the tip of the nose became clearer. The feeling of disconnection between my eyebrows became more natural.

The left nostril was inherently larger than the right one. The size of the nostril cannot be the same unless the nostril is reduced. However, through the reposition of the alar cartilage in the nose, we made the nostril shape as similar as possible to make the nostril size difference less noticeable.

A general reviewIt was simple surgery with a short, flat nose that was bulbous and wide. I had to have a bulbous nose correction surgery, and the goal was to make a nose that felt self-conscious at a height that was not burdensome, but everything went smoothly without any major problems, resulting in good results.

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