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What is closed rhinoplasty surgery? What are the advantages?

2019년 10월 28일 업데이트됨

In closed rhinoplasty surgery, an incision is not made on the columella, but only on the inside of both nostrils. The details of the surgery are the same as those of opened rhinoplasty surgery. Once the columella is incised, important blood vessels in the columella are cut off and the blood supply is poor after surgery, resulting in slow

recovery and increased risk of side effects such as inflammation or the contracted. In

addition, there is a drawback of scarring, because the visible columella part is incised.

In closed rhinoplasty surgery, the scar is not visible because the columella is not incised and the inside of the nostril is incised. In addition, it has the advantage of faster recovery and stable tissue regeneration, since damage to normal tissues including blood vessels is much less than that of opened rhinoplasty surgery.

Closed rhinoplasty surgery can be performed only by a doctor who knows well the structure of nose and has a lot of surgical experiences in various cases.

























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