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Closed rhinoplasty Korea, droopy and bulbous nose_noselab

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1. Preoperative consultation

  The patient visited my clinic with nasal congestion and wanted to correct the stubby nose and the low nose bridge. The skin at the tip of the nose was thick, and the nose bridge looked smaller than the tip of the nose, the nostrils were seen a lot in front of it, and the mouth protruded.

2. A surgical plan

  In order to improve the bulbous nose, I planned to reduce the thickness of the skin by removing some of the soft tissue under the skin at the tip of the nose, rearranging and tying the alar cartilage of the nose tip, and raising the tip of the nose to give a three-dimensional effect. I planned to create a masculine feeling by raising the bridge of the nose as a whole.

3. Surgical findings

  CT taken before surgery and nose endoscopic finding showed that the septal cartilage was bent to the right and the inferior turbinate was enlarged. In fact, the septal cartilage was more bent than CT or endoscopic findings, and the cartilage was small and very thin. Some of the most curved parts of the septal cartilage were resected, and cross-hatching incision was performed on the concave parts of the septal cartilage to correct the septal curvature, and the inferior turbiante was reduced by a high-frequency laser


4. Pictures right after the surgery

This is a picture of the front right side. The drooping feeling has improved a lot, and the hanging columella has been slightly reduced, making the nasolabial angle more natural and the protruding mouth has improved. Considering that the swelling between the eyebrows will go away, the nose bridge line has also become more masculine, close to a straight line.

If you look at the 45-degree side picture, you can see that the tip of the nose is clearly down.

Looking from the front, the spread of the tip of the nose has improved a lot, and the amount of nostrils visible has decreased a lot, making it natural.

If you look at the pictures of the nostrils, you can see that the nostrils that spread to the side have become much more natural.

5. A general review

The patient's nasal congestion was improved, and nose-shaped surgery was also performed. The area where the specific septum was bent to the right was also neatly corrected, and the stubby and droopy nose were also well corrected.

closed rhinoplasty

droopy and bulbous nose

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by Noselab closed rhinoplasty Korea Dr. Chayoung Kang

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