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Closed rhinplasty Korea, Short and hump nose(Self rib cartilage)

As a person who visited my clinic because she wanted to correct the curved hump nose, she preferred a slightly fancy nose rather than a too natural feeling.

This is the front photo I consulted on design before surgery. The nasal bone was deviated to the right of the central axis of the face. To correct this area, the lateral osteotomy of the nasal bone was planned, and in particular, the patient showed a lot of nostrils from the front, and the left alar cartilage seemed to be located inward compared to the left, so we planned to reposition the alar cartilage because it was expected that the nostrils would look more asymmetric.

This is a side explanation taken during the design consultation before surgery. On the side, you can see the hump slightly, and the tip of the nose looks short while drooping. I planned a natural and fancy nose line by removing the hump and correcting the nasolabial angle.

Looking at the picture right after the surgery, the tip of the nose was raised as natural as possible and the nasolabial angle was well corrected to 95 degrees, creating a natural and fancy feeling overall.

The feeling of seeing a lot of nostrils from the front has also improved, and the feeling of widening and bending has also improved a lot.

You can see that the nostrils have spread, the round shape has changed to an oval, and the asymmetry has improved.

A general review

The patient’s nose was not large, but he preferred an appropriate fancy feeling, so the surgery was to raise the tip of nose as natural as possible. Overall asymmetry was greatly improved by lateral osteotomy and repositioning of alar cartilage, and it created a height difference between the eyebrows and the tip of the nose, creating an appropriate splendor and naturalness at the same time.

Noselab closed rhinoplasty clinic by Dr. Chayoung Kang

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