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Closed rhinoplasty Korea +bulbous nose +big alar correction

1. preoperative consultation

  This is the patient who visited my clinic to reduce the bulbous tip of the nose and the nose. The tip of the nose was blunt and the nose was large and drooping, so it was very unnatural. There was a slight hump, and the tip of the nose looked wider because the nasion was low.

​2. A surgical plan

The both alars were very large and the columella was retracted, so I thought about how to make it natural without reducing the nasal alar base because the shape of the nose tip was very unnatural. As a result, I planned to improve the feeling of the nose blunting by lowering the columella and correcting the nasolabial angle to about 90 degrees, and planned surgery to reduce the bottom of the nose because the nose width was spread out a lot. To improve the nose, I tried to solve the problem by raising the tip of the nose by using self-rib cartilage to give it a three-dimensional effect.

3. A picture taken immediately after the operation


In the picture on the right side, the protruding mouth has improved a lot, and the tip of the nose seems to be seen much smaller. The columella has come down moderately, making the nasolabial angle about 90 degrees.

Looking at the 45-degree side picture, the feeling that the tip of the nose was blunt has improved a lot.

In the front photo, the nose alar was naturally corrected and the overall feeling of spreading was much better.

The nostrils were pressed and spread to the side turned into a natural appearance.


4. A general review


It was a surgery to correct the part where the nose of the patient looked very big. Most people think about reducing the alar base first, but if the alar reduction surgery has many big and small complications, it is better not to perform it at least. Reducing the nose does not make it natural, and it can lead to small nostrils, asymmetry, scarring that cannot be erased for a lifetime, and above all, it is a surgery that does not return to its original state. So, I made the nose look natural by lowering the columella without cutting the nose.

KANG CHA YOUNG, President of Nose Lab

closed rhinoplasty

bulbous and wide nose + come down the columella + big alar correction(self rib)

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by Noselab closed rhinoplasty Korea Dr. Chayoung Kang

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