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Closed rhinoplasty Korea + Short and hump nose(Self rib cartilage)

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Closed rhinoplasty + Curved, short, hump nose correction (dorsum + tip, self-rib cartilage)

1. Short nose correction with self rib cartilage

This is the patient who visited my clinic for high and short hooked nose correction. He had nasal congestion, and a CT scan taken at the time of visiting the clinic revealed that he was diagnosed with septal deviation, so he also underwent surgery to improve nasal congestion. Becausee he didn’t want an implant, he proceeded with the nose bridge, the tip of the nose bridge, and removed the hump and performed lateral osteotomy.

2. Photos right after the surgery

90 degrees photo

45 degrees photo

Front view

Basal view

3. A general review

It's a short nose correction surgery with a high bridge of the nose. The process of trimming the nasal bone is the most important, and the tip of the nose was made naturally long using the self-ribs.

closed rhinoplasty

deviated nose + hump nose + short nose

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by Noselab closed rhinoplasty Korea Dr. Chayoung Kang

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